Photographs by Charles Chan Massey

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Seaside in Cadiz, Spain 1/1 – SOLD 


Random Woman in Havana, Cuba 1/1 – SOLD


Welcome to Cuba! 1/1 – SOLD


Beautiful Ronda, Spain 1/1 – SOLD


Random tower in Cordoba, Spain 1/1 – SOLD


Random street scene in Cordoba, Spain 1/1 – SOLD


Balcony church in Greece at sunrise 1/1 – SOLD


Balcony church in Greece at night 1/1 – SOLD


Cool cat in Delos, Greece 1/1 – SOLD


Echo Park Lake in Los Angeles 1/1 – SOLD

New Collection! Waxhaw, NC

“I see the water tower!” 1/1


Broome Barber Shop 1/1


The Massey Family Home (black and white) 1/1


The Massey Family Home (color) 1/1


The Overhead bridge (black and white) 1/1


The Overhead bridge (color) 1/1


The A.W. Heath Company 1/1


Waxhaw Masonic Temple 1/1


The Family Plot 1/1


Bonus Photo from Joseph

Night Scene in Santorini, Greece (1/1)


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